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6 Signs A Lady Want To Sleep With You When She Comes Visiting

Ladies, please note: 5 things a player would never say

Although it would be unfair to say all players are essentially the same in terms of traits and personality, anybody who labels themselves a “ladies’ man” holds firm to a base set of ideals. Hence, there are certain words that aren’t part of the Player’s vocabulary, and certain sayings that will never escape his lips. If you’re a woman and you’re asking yourself, “How can I spot a ‘player?’” then you simply need to listen for the following statements; if you ever hear any of them, your guy doesn’t qualify.

A successful pickup artist is typically endowed with the gift of gab, but thanks to time and experience, he carefully selects what chitchat he makes. To the receptive girl, it always sounds smooth and casual; never forced and never strained, and capable of allowing most any woman to relax in mere minutes. In short, Players are master conversationalists but they’re also experts at controlling their own fate. Always remember: Players would never say anything to compromise those aforementioned ideals.

“I love you”

It’s a predictable No. 1, but all the critical women out there should realize that avoiding this heartfelt statement saves you a great deal of stress and pain. As the Player has no enemies — male or female — and he frowns on manipulation and deception, he isn’t about to toy with a woman’s heart just to satisfy his base desires. At no point will a true ladies’ man say, “I love you.” While it does indeed stem from a dislike of commitment, these three little words only lead to trouble. A Player will spare you that. There may come a day when a pickup artist does say what every woman wants to hear when they’re playing “wedding dress-up” as little girls, but if so that means two things: 1) He means it; and 2) He has voluntarily turned in his Player license. Only the cruel and evil say, “I love you” to get what they want, and then go on their merry way.

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