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The Lady From Vendaval Update on Saturday 8th October 2016

Today’s #theladyfromvendavalonjoyprime Silvana sees Luciano and Valeria and is devastated. Timoteo reproaches Lencho for having laughed at him. Cristian thinks that the adoption is a trick so Nuria doesn’t give him the divorce. Nestor tries to calm down Silvana. Silvana decides to show the video to Luciano herself and she asks Nestor for discretion. Nestor asks Leonel to continue watching Valeria. Lencho tells Camilo that he despises himself for having betrayed Timoteo and he decides to get drunk. Maria Laura tries to seduce Alessandro, but the latter gets her out of his room. Gordo kisses Nisa against her will and she becomes upset.

Silvana confronts Luciano with his deceit. Lencho and Camilo get drunk in the bar and they call Emiliano so he goes for them. Luciano asks for Silvana’s forgiveness and she slaps him on the face. Emiliano warns Camilio not to look for Marcela again and he tells him that he will be the only one who keeps her. Silvana asks Luciano for the divorce. Severo goes into Sagrario’s bedroom and he tries to kill her. Mateo, Marcela and Alessandro chase Severo. Marcela injures Severo.

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Maria Laura hears the shots and runs away from the place. Sagrario assures that Severo was the one who shot her. Maria Laura pretends not having realized anything. Luciano reproaches Nestor for having told Silvana about his relationship with Valeria and he fires him from the Toscana. Sagrario is glad to be alive.

Mateo tells Eulogio what happened with Severo and he asks him for his help to find him. Silvana tells Nestor that nobody is going to fire him and he thanks for his help. Eulogio tells Timoteo what’s going on with Severo and Timoteo ignores him. Sagrario decides to accuse Severo of rape. Severo swears to take revenge on Maria Laura.

Maria Laura pretends to worry very much for what happened to Sagrario. Lencho tells Octavia that Timoteo disinherited him. Miguel tells Cristian and Nuria that they will have to live together to prove they are a stable couple to achieve the adoption. tune in @8:00PM



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