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Love and sex never sustain marriage - Majid Michel

Love and sex never sustain marriage – Majid Michel

Handsome Ghanaian actor and father of 2, Majid Michel says he admires operating with the pair of Nadia Buari and Genevieve Nnaji. He additionally another that he features a crush on US-based singer, Rihanna.

“I extremely love acting with Nadia Buhari. Nadia is one in all my favourites owing to her deep understanding of the act. She extremely understands all the tricks of what acting is all concerning. She understands her character all right, so, it makes one thing referred to as the electrical circuit, it’s associate acting term; it makes it easier for you as associate actor. In Nigeria, i favor to figure with Genevieve. For my feminine celebrity crush, she isn’t associate actor however a music star. Her name is Rihanna,” the actor told panegyric magazine in a very recent interview.

Continuing, he said, “I understand Rihanna could be a dangerous lady however God brought American state here to create her smart.”

Majid, WHO has been married for concerning ten years, shared the key of his winning wedding.

“You want data concerning wedding. you would like to require a check on wedding. wedding is that the solely establishment you get your certificate before the check. you would like data before you get into wedding. Love doesn’t keep a marriage; unmarried individuals can tell you that. What happens to; i really like you, however we have a tendency to accustomed be smitten. Love doesn’t keep a wedding and sex isn’t a glue. Love and Sex ne’er keep a wedding.

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“It is information and understanding. you would like to understand concerning wedding, you tell a lady or a man i really like you, however does one love marriage? They’re 2 various things. If a man tells you i really like you, and once you tell him let’s marry, he’s deed, as a result of love and wedding ar totally different. wedding is an establishment, telling someone a vow isn’t a wedding. it’s a building that each of you’re progressing to be in. The key component is information, as a result of information is data and you would like to possess uncountable data concerning wedding, then you perceive these data, you comprehend them and you tell yourself; i’m able to jazz. Not as a result of i really like her, however as a result of i’m able to facilitate her come through her dreams.

“I’m able to build our dreams return true along with her. She is your facilitate to accomplish your purpose. we have a tendency to stop creating babies and grownups believe the primary factor you would like could be a girlfriend or a beau. that’s not what {you want|you would like|you wish}; the primary factor you need is that the presence of God. Not a person or a lady, it’s not concerning relationships, it’s concerning God. The aim and also the target has been lost, the explanation and also the purpose of our existence has been lost,” he said.

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