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Lyrics : Samini – Anytime ft Hus Eugene (Prod By Brainy Beatz)

Come like de people dem ready yah now
Tell em seh ah shelling we come fi shell down de place
Check de artistes pon bill
Man a Veteran man a King pon bill
Certified fi go kill em all pun bill
Verify fi yuh self it’s a done deal

Check me from every international gig
Trade mark shelling a me natural gift
Trigger finger ready fi go defend me turf
High Grade Family, straight to de world

Repatriation, de plane land
Send a tone load a chalice mek dem blaze pon
Big up Eleh, Alkaline and Kranium
Tell Samini seh fi bring at de stadium

Tell em seh mea de baddest round yah
Tell Eleh seh mea de strongest round yah
Alkaline fi know who maddest round yah
Tell Kranium we got de highest round yah

Samini ready anytime
Lyrical war
We ain’t backing down
Samini ready anyday
See we Stand tall
We ain’t backing down

So mr energy God
Ah ready fi go see where unu energy from
Man top notch when it come fi energy songs
Too sick wonder where me get me remedy from

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Man energy don
Fire energy burn
See de African sun tun de energy on
Real high grade deh fi mek de energy pump
Like blood thru me vain asoh de energy run

Fire pun de miming artiste dem
Off key wrong timing artiste dem
Off beat Wack styling artiste dem
Kill mask wearing artiste

Man a top notch
We do it constantly we no need no stop watch
Tell player hater seh him hav fi stop watch
Fi big balls dem Ina me drop crutch

Samini ready anytime ……
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