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Man accused of locking his wife and son in a cage for two years

A 61-year-old man has been arrested in
Argentina on suspicion of locking his wife
and son in a cage for at least two years.
Eduardo Oviedo was detained by police on
Friday at his home in Mar del Plata,
southeast of Buenos Aires, where they
discovered a dirt floor room – described as
a cell with metal bars and an iron door
which locked from the outside.
The man’s 61-year-old wife suffers from
psychological problems and his 32-year-old
son is autistic.

The caged cell had old mattresses, rubble,
bricks and pet food in it. The two were
allegedly kept in the cell during the day and
in a filthy room in the house during the
Prosecutor Alejandro Pellegrini said that
police found the victims in a raid after two
of Oviedo’s other children reported the
“The house also had a room in the worst of
human conditions where the woman and
son spent the hours of the night,” he said.
Several sources, including La Nación , have
reported that the victims were kept locked
up for six years.
Oveido could face 15 years imprisonment
for kidnapping and keeping others in
conditions of servitude. The sentence could
also be extended to life imprisonment if the
charges are extended to include the
aggravated circumstances.
The defendant denied the charges and
declined to make a statement in court on
Saturday. Mr Pellegrini said that Oveido
will undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

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