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Man Grows Pizza On Trees

Man Grows Pizza On Trees, His Reason & How He Did It Will Shock You

One of America’s best comedy site called Funny Or Die have joined forces with American Heart Association (AHA) to deliver a video which points to the kind of foods students eats in schools. The main purpose of the video is to point out the food which the students eat in schools that are classified as unhealthy food.

He said,

“Welcome to the pizza farm, where we are hard at work growing the ripe, juicy pizzas your kids love,” says an overall-clad Offerman. Chuckling, he asks, “What could be healthier than this?”

“You see, kids know what their bodies need,” scoffs Offerman.

“These fields produce hot, moist sloppy joes all year round,” he says, “thanks to the nutrients and cola we use to water them.” Ah! The cola, eh?

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