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Man prophesies Zanetor Rawlings will be President one day in Ghana

Man prophesies Zanetor Rawlings will be President one day in Ghana

I believe in people who believe in themselves. Well, not only the people who believe in themselves, but those whose actions demonstrate believe in themselves, and get others to believe in what they believe in. Such people are entrepreneurs.

They are lonely people whose ambitions are mocked, frustrated, and blocked by society. They are people who fight many battles, self inflicted battles, battles of opposition, and battles presented by their ambitions.

Yet they see the end in their spirit, they see the end in their believe in themselves, and they never give up the fight.

As a young village school boy I heard a lot of stories about Dr. Zenator Rawlings. She was a bad girl. She was a spoilt child. The parents stole money to look after her. And I believed all of them.

As an adult I have changed my perception about her. I have come to form my own believe that Zenator is a victim of society. She is a victim of pride, greed, hatred, jealousy, and envy.

As a nation, we have done so much wrong against those who win, so much so that we have destroyed a lot of what could have developed our society. And we have forced the personalities of development into ordinary mediocre figures, and we pride ourselves in having succeeded in taming our heroes.

Dr. Zenator Rawlings faced, and continues to face mountains of challenges in her quest to succeed. As a teenager, she was wrapped in untold scandals that should have affected her academic performance.

First, it was said to be wrong to have enrolled in Ghana International School. This was because it was her father who introduced the then new educational system of Senior Secondary School. This was somebody who had also gone through and successfully completed Wesley Girls High School.

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This means that she had also gone through the same system her father introduced. This became a huge scandal, with the general public accusing the father of creating a weak educational system for the ordinary Ghanaian while sending her daughter to prestigious international old system school.

What exactly did Zenator do wrong? As a teenage, then only 17 years, what decision should she have taken on her own? How was she expected to answer for what her parents did or did not do?

The then young girl was in the eye of the storm again when the Selassie Gyantu scandal led to what has been known in political circles as identification air cut. It was believed that Selassie was Zenator’s boyfriend.

The relationship expired, and it was reported that Mrs Rawlings, Zenator’s mother, has caused Selassie to be shaved with broken bottles, injuring the poor boy in the process.

At the time this scandal was reported, I was such a staunch Scripture Union boy. Those days I hated to see a boy and a girl holding hands. It was a sin for me or any one unmarried person to hold hands.

So when this Selassie Gyantu scandal was reported, I thought Zenator needed deliverance. It confirmed all that which was bad, and which I had heard about her.

But today, at the expense of my own guilt, I sit my 18 year old daughter down, and I assure her that I will like her to bring her boyfriend home if she has one. Any time I have had such conversations with my daughter, I have realized how unfair my infantries have been on not only Zenator, but many others I condemned to be sinners, bad boys and girls, evil doers, etc, just because they simply held hands.

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By far, Dr. Zenator has seen public storms than any other daughter or son of any president Ghana has produced, including the scandals associated with learning how to pilot a plane, her medical school costs and who was paying for it. Its been a lot put on the plate of a young innocent girl whose only crime was her father being the president of the country.

Well, I would not say her challenges were over, but fast-forward, Zenator is currently attempting to become a Member of Parliament from her birth constituency, a location she was born and bred, and constituency she has lived in nearly all her life.

Will Dr Zenator Rawlings become an MP for Korley Clotey constituency?

First her children’s father became the first biggest challenge, suing her to gain access to their two children just at the time the parliamentary primaries was gathering momentum.

The young medical doctor had to combine going to court to face her one time lover, to facing an incumbent MP, who was also a Minister of State, in a primary election, and answering questions from the needy media who see everything dropping from Zenator as newsworthy. In the end she succeeded in winning the election.

I will like you to see my comments purely from the “Imagine You Can” point of view. Nothing should stop a hero. Nothing should break down a winner. No situation should be a final full stop, no! Until it is done, it is not done. Who is a winner if you don’t face obstacles? Point to me a single person who achieved victories without challenges, and I will show you a cheat, a thief, and an opportunist.

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Currently Zenator Rawlings is in court defending her eligibility to stand for an election that the Electoral Commission has already declared her a winner.

This is because the incumbent MP, Nii Armah Ashitey, is praying the court to nullify Zenator’s election win since she is not a registered voter as per the rules of Ghana’s elections. This definitely is a tough battle to fight.

A woman, a single mother, a medical doctor, a daughter of a former president, a newsworthy personality. And she faces a structurally giant businessman Herbert Mensah in court.

She faces an incumbent MP, who is also a Minister of State, in court. She faces an abusive and violent Ghanaian political environment which is skewed to favor men. In her shadows is her own mother’s NDP party looking over, wishing the defeat of the NDC, the party Zenator is seeking to fly its flag. And she faces her own private challenges, many of which may never come up to the public domain.

I believe in her. I believe she has what it takes to win the world. I believe in her win if she battles on, if she has enough energy, or if she stores in herself the energies she believes in, and no matter how the storm rages, she manages to believe in her spirit. Who knows, she may well become Ghana’s first female president. Yes, I believe she can!

I have written this piece primarily for my younger followers. It does not matter where you come from, what circumstances confronts you, you are a win!

By the way, how about if Zenator was your sister?

James Kofi Annan


Challenging Heights

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