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Mcbrown’s boyfriend is a terrible kisser – Mzbel

Mcbrown’s boyfriend is a terrible kisser – Mzbel

Musician Mzbel took her turn on the Delay show where she talked at length about her ex, Maxwell and more. If you would recall, Mzbel once dated Maxwell, who is now actress Nana Ama Mcbrown’s boyfriend.

When she was asked by Delay whether she has slept with Maxwell as well since she has disclosed times without number that she loves having sex to bits, Mzbel admitted to the fact that she has kissed him but didn’t have sex with him.

She said, “I did not sleep with Maxwell, I like him a lot because he contributed a lot to my life. I respect him a lot. Our relationship was very nice and sweet but unfortunately I couldn’t give him what he wanted. Truth be told, I only kissed him, but sex, no, I did not sleep with him.”

She continued, “When I see him walking with Nana Ama Mcbrown, I’m very happy because I was saved from been killed. I love Maxwell but on a different level. When we were dating, I kissed him only once. Me, I’m a very good kisser so if you don’t know how to kiss, I just kiss you once and that’s all.”

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Maxwell is popularly known as the celebrity-lover-boy because of how he’s been able to date one celebrity to another. To some people, the work he does is to move from one female celebrity to another. She is now with actress of repute, Nana Ama Mcbrown.

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