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Meet woman whose eyes produce stones, doctors can’t help – See Photo

Meet a woman who suffers from a mysterious condition – Her body produces eye stones and doctors can’t explain the phenomena – Her husband uses iron wire to remove dozens of tiny pebbles  Ding Aihua, from Lufang village in Heze city, Shandong province in China, is confusing doctors, as her body produces eye stones every time she has a headache. According to her husband, Liang Xinchun, hard white pebbles form under the woman’s eyelids and he had removed more than 10 so far.

Ding’s husband removes stones from her eyes Liang said: “It really hurts her. Sometimes it comes from the upper eyelid and sometimes from the lower. She gets very anxious and you have to dig very hard. It grinds her eyes giving her uncomfortable pain.”  The woman named Ding Aihua cries tears of stone under her eyelid Ding has been suffering from the inexplainable ailment for about seven years.

Although the episodes are not regular, they last from just three to five days and cause painful sensations in her eyes.  According to her husband, he has to use a wire to ease the stones out from his wife’s eyelid Liang is doing everything possible to soothe his wife’s pain — he uses a small piece of iron wire to take the sand-like particles out. He also keeps them in a bottle to show as a proof to journalists and medical experts.

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The pair turned to Chinese media for help in determining how the stones were growing in her eyes However, local doctors refuse to believe the problem is genuine as they had not found any foreign substances in Ding’s eyes. She was diagnosed with severe conjunctivitis, trachoma and corneal ulcers. The desparate couple now turned to media to help them find medics who will be able to explain the phenomena and find proper treatment.


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