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Nicki Minaj breaks up with Meek Mill and kicks him off tour over Drake beef?

It looks like there is turmoil brewing in the
world of Omeeka. We have just received word
that as of 1am July 31st, Meek Mill is officially
off the Pink Print Tour and his relationship
with Nicki Minaj has abruptly ended, Read
Talk Share reports.

Some are speculating that it is mainly due to
the fact that Nicki’s camp requested that
Meek remain silent in current lyrical feud with
Canadian rapper, Drake. However, that threat
did not stop the Philly Mc from releasing
“Wanna Know” , a come back diss to Drake.
The song was debuted on Hot 97’s Funk
Master Flex show and while Meek anticipated
a “Burial” for Drake’s career, the plans
backfired as fans worldwide were’nt so happy
with Meek’s comeback.

The bad response to the record is negatively
affecting Meek’s relationship with Nicki Minaj
and has now started to affect sales of their
current tour. Its being reported that there
have already been over 500 refund request
for the next tour date in Clarkston, Michigan.
As a result, the tour headliner and girlfriend
of the rapper, Nicki Minaj, has decided to call
off their relationship and kick him off the

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“I told him not to go at Drake. I don’t care if
he goes at SB but not drake. Drake’s a
sweetheart and a gentleman. Even if he said
he was steering at my titties tho as i was
sitting down on my big butt,” Nicki told Read
Talk Share in a private phone call.

There will be a press conference tomorrow at
5pm where they will provide more details.

Source: Readtalkshare.com



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