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This nonsense from shatta wale and SM fans must STOP

This nonsense from shatta wale and SM fans must STOP!

Shatta wale is an A list artiste in Ghana,and moreover a force to reckon with in Africa,he has had some international mentions from UK and US from their media.He is not an upcoming musician who must play with the minds of ghanaians in the name of publicity.

For the past 24 hours,shatta wale has been trending for obviously the wrong reasons in the name of “scamming haters”.According to sources he intentionally wore an adidas hoodie to create buzz.

I find this act as myopic and stupid,ohh yess!,it has no logic because as an A list artiste like shatta wale,who has arguably the biggest following or musical appeal in Ghana, must pull a fake ‘adldas’ stunt for publicity to hype something looks absurd.

As a fan of shatta wale,when the news broke last night that he wore a fake adidas hoodie,I saw it as an oversight from him.But this morning it seems he and close people around him during the video shoots has stated emphatically that it was a gimmick for a mission,and I am like what the hell!

I find it difficult to know the mission of this obnoxious act from shatta wale,since he says he did it for a purpose.Is it because of the album launch?,Did he do it to earn views on youtube?,is it a way of creating buzz for an ambassadorial deal with adidas?,or to destruct the buzz for VGMAs?

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ALBUM LAUNCH(after the storm)
The album will be launched on Friday 29th of this month at the independence square.
So I am asking myself did shatta wale pull this stunt to pull more crowd at independence square?
I bet to differ,because a free show at independence square organized by shatta wale does not even need one media(TV or Radio) advertisement,oh yes!, because the location of the venue is like the centre of all surrounding neighbourhood of his core fans.From Ga-mashi,Teshie,Mamobi,korle Gonno,Teshie etc are close to the independence square.
So if shatta wale pulled this stunt for the album launch then,I want to tell him it was not necessary.

One will agree that after this brouhaha,the views of the bie gya video has shot up to an impressive number.So did he pull the ‘adldas’ stunt to earn more views on youtube?. If he did then it is one of the most shallow thinking method by any ‘A’ list artiste in Ghana.So what youtube record is shatta wale hoping to break with this stunt.None of his views on youtube has  crossed 2 million ,not to even talk of breaking the over 24 million views by sarkodie.His video for chop kiss was on the verge of breaking bisa kdeis 1 million views in 3 months,but due to this bie gya saga,the rate of views per day of chop kiss has dwindled because, the attention is now on ‘bie gya’,a song that will not even cross the borders of Togo!.The truth hurts but I must spill the beans.’Kakai’ audio on youtube alone is overwhelming,reaching over 400k,I was expecting the video to have been released a month ago but it seems the video will  drop this week,which is not the best,because the crave for kakai is coming down,the song has dropped from  most charts on the airwaves.One must always hit the metal when it is hot,at the moment the kakai  is loosing the tenacity from the public,so the earlier shatta drops the video, the better.

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Some blind fans think shatta wale is doing this to reduce attention of the VGMAs due to his snub by  the board.I want to tell them that,they should stop dreaming,because when Charter House organises a VBKA (Vodafone ‘Bisa k dei awards),the auditorium will be full,people will troop to the AICC to watch.This Years music awards features three strong artiste,El, Stonebwoy and Bisa K dei,the awards night will leverage on the fans of these artise to make the awards night beautiful,whiles we the shatta movement fans sit at home and chill with some pop corn and alvaro to watch who wins what.

As to whether this ‘adldas’ stunt was to create an ambassadorial ,I cant say much,all I can say is that if adidas has no deal with shatta wale,he can be taken on because,what shatta has done is tantamount to brand bastardization.

Shatta wale must end this rampant controversy in the name of ‘smartness’,because whenever  such acts happens it leads to social media fights mong fans,and it is not helig his brand achieve the cooperate status.

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I hope to see you all the independence square on 29th April for the album launch,it is the most important thing to SM at the moment,and lets stop this social media fight.
Thank you!

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