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One Pretty Girl By Name Maame Akua Banks Start Dey Show ‘Things’ Paa On Facebook Live

Chale, chale! Some people get some vim paa for this world ooo, herh! (Pardon me for writing pidgin today, that’s the beauty about blogging). You know say some girl by name Maame Akua Banks be start dey trend gidigidi for Facebook la. The whole thing be say, she show boys something small.

Abi you know say boys dierr, if you show we something, we go watch, we nor bore.

The filla be say some girl dem dey bell am Maame Akua Banks start dey go n*de in some Facebook group called Naught Drama and it’s crazy chaleeeee! What I hear be say, she start dey do am from yesty cos na boys dey dare am.

Like, oh she nor fi to comot her b00bs den things, so as she start dey do the live video, na she just dey show her bra plus pant p3 but now dierr, I hear say she dey show the b00bs in it”s raw state.

Me, the group den block me cos abi blogger, so anor spy the video some but boys say the girl e things dey form waa. If you spy like this, chale you fi kolo.

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We know say more bad girls dey but this one dierr, she take her own come different level. We dey Ginger bread and co more for Snapchat but this one dierr, now she dey wan go commercial I guess.

Hmm, I wish afi add the video here but if I add am, someone fi report den things, so ago add am somewhere else ‘coded’ or make you join the Facebook group and see things for yourself.

This one too wey kind life that? Ebi Social media ashwo or what? Ah well, enor be me ago judge am cos no one knows tomorrow. Oneday saf afi go crush am for heaven-you never know chale.

But the girl dierr, she get the body mmom, wey she fine small, so boys wan bang am. I can only imagine her inbox and mobile money alerts.

Herh!! Ayoooo! Make you tell me what you know in the comment box

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