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Pastor Gives 3 Reasons why it is Foolish to Pick a Wife Because she can Cook

Forget Counsellor Lutterodt, another famous pastor has his revelations to share on this matter. He gives three good reasons why picking a wife by her ability to cook is foolish. Let’s list them:

  1. She can master the art

For one, it’s not as complicated as learning quantum physics. Any woman can learn to cook if she wants to or loves her man. Surely, most men love to eat, so if she loves you, she can learn to please you in it even after you marry her.

Even if she does not, you can hire someone to do the cooking for you or put up with this shortcoming. After all, marriage was created to train our perseverance, and we have to make plenty of allowances for each other. If food is all you think about, then do not marry a woman who cannot cook. But God did not create her just to wait on you and please your belly.

  1. God did not set it in the Bible

You won’t find a Scripture that tells you wife has to be a good cook. It’s not there. If God considered it as one of the highest priorities, He would have written about it.

  1. She can be a good woman and not know how to cook
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See, the woman is a person. She is not a kitchen machine created to please you. She was created after the image and likeness of God. Bible never mentions that God is a great cook. So, why should she be? It’s not a must for anyone. She can be a great person, kind, loving, faithful and worthy, but without the decent skills of cooking!

How about the prayer?

It sounds so spiritual: do not marry a woman who cannot pray for an hour! Yes, it does! But again the Bible never tells us how long to pray. Jesus said not to speak much in prayer, as the heathens do. Paul says that he never stops praying. But neither is the rule to pick a wife by. If she prays all the time, when would she have time to bring up the kids or take care of the house?

So, if you married a woman and she knows not how to cook, do not divorce her! It’s not a legible reason to do so! Neither the lack of prayer is! Be wise and keep your eyes open. Pray for the Lord to guide you to the right person and remember: there is no perfect woman for the imperfect man!

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