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Popular Fraud Boy To Die In Two Weeks

Kelvin Koranteng a twenty-six (26) year old fraudster, in the New Juaben Municipality has revealed his anguish toward his forthcoming death.

According to KK as he is popularly called recounted that six (6) years ago, life wasn’t easy for him at all. “I use to wash cars at the washing bay and also a bar attendant. There was nowhere to sleep, either I sleep at the washing bay after work or I find myself walking about till the next morning. I had one friend who I always ran to anything am in need of help. One day he told me he can’t continue giving me money all the time, so he told me he will show me the way to success. I agreed because I was very desperate”.

A Visit to shrine:

Kelvin continued that, his friend took him to see a fetish priest at the Northern part of the country, Tamale. “The fetish priest; knowing the reason I came sacrificed three (3) goats and a fowl and also made some incantations for me. He then gave me a ring to put on anytime I sit behind the computer to fraud.

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He then continued that, he has made a lot of money from internet fraud. “I made a lot of money from internet fraud. I usually spend GH¢ 1,000 a day on ladies and friends. I have 8 girlfriends which I make love to almost every week. Through fraud, I have gotten myself six (6) expensive cars and three (3) buildings situated in Accra and Koforidua respectively.

Asked on whether he has parents and siblings. Kelvin disclosed that his mother is no more but he has a dad and a sister. “My mum is no more but am lucky to have a dad and a sister. My dad who is a good drunkard doesn’t care where I get my money from. My sister on the other hand, always asks me the source of my money but I always lie to her.

Time to kill or I die:

I was at home one day when disaster struck! The fetish priest called me to come and see him for its very urgent. I went to see him the next day. It was then he told me that, the time has come for me to perform my real sacrifice. I didn’t understand him. He gave me a knife to stab anyone I see in a mirror which was placed before me.

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Unfortunately for me, my lovely sister appeared in the mirror. I left the knife and told him I can’t do it. I decided to leave. But the fetish priest told me if I leave without killing my sister, I will die in two (2) weeks’ time.

Am really confused now because I can’t kill my only sister for money. And also don’t know what to do with my properties.

I decided to give everything back to the fetish priest but he didn’t accept either my family also did. So as am talking to you now, I have only 2 weeks to live”. He lamented.

Advice to the Youth:

Kelvin who was in tears used the opportunity to advise the youth. “I want to tell my fellow youth out there that, they shouldn’t indulge themselves in internet fraud. Because it is very dangerous. Most of the claimed internet fraudsters sacrifice humans in order to get more clients and money. Ladies too should be careful of guys they take as their boyfriend because some them sacrifices their girlfriends for money rituals”.

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