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Review: FlowKing ft. M.anifest, a rap performance you should hear!

Stone understands rap, but then again, he comes from a family which understands rap:

‘Them dey wonder how/ we no go allow/ three of the best rappers, one mother. How?’, he raps in the first verse of his song “Number 1”, which features M.anifest and Dampo. Okyeame Kwame is hiplife royalty, and Kunta is only now returning after his prolonged wrestle with a stroke a few years back, but his promise cannot be ignored.

He started off in the duo Bradez, the other half being Kunta. Back then, he simply went by the name Stone. Their most successful songs are ‘One Gallon’, produced by Appietus and ‘Simple’, produced by Richie Mensah. But he seems to have completely redefined himself. So today, he responds to FlowKing Stone, obviously to make a statement. I concur, but as is characteristic with learning new names, I still keep going back to calling him just Stone.

Stone’s song is a deeply personal anthem about what our belief should be by default –that God has made us all number one. Stone himself lives this belief, for he has always maintained that he’s number one in lyricism, in spite of his brothers, in spite of Sarkodie, with whom he has constantly been compared:

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‘On the mic I be beast/ your best be ma least’

Stone is obedient to rhythm in a way that is exemplary, he’s not complacent…his siblings too. He will rap, then ‘rap-sing’, then rap again. But to the same beat, he can be abusive too. Maybe four bars to the end of the first verse, he does something amazing and worrisome; with his mouth, with words, he becomes a drummer and explores pun, metaphor, symbolism and rhyme excellently. The way he achieves this might make you lose your breath, much like the dizzying hihat pattern in the song, or the guitar offering toward the end. It’s ridiculous in the way it is impressive, and then he concludes a caution detractors momentarily thus:

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