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Samini Is A Blackmailer? Find Out

Samini Is A Blackmailer? Find Out

Samini Is A Blackmailer? Find Out

According to Stephen Kenneth Nakujah on facebook, he said he had this conversation with Funny face, Read below

SAMINI is a blackmailer, the facts are clear, Razz Newspaper wrote that Funny Face IS ANGRY AT SAMINI for trying to remove his food from his mouth. You call yourself a brand ambassordor of MTN and you know Funny Face, is also a brand ambassordor of Vodafone Ghana so how on earth will you intentionally put him on your show and start advertizing without notifying or letting him know? Now, if not people like us, Vodafone would have query him. I called Funny and asked him and he said, ”look, i see this as a sabotage but i dont want to talk on radio, else, they might say, i want to take a position mean while, i see this like what the TV3 guys did to me, this is a clear sabotage, because it cant be done anywhere.”

Saboteurs of our industry, Tony Pan and your lame artist, Samini, where are you guys, come and remove your mouth. The last time Shatta Wale said on radio that he wants to host a show and put Samini Dagaati on, if only he will agree to his call, Tony spoke on Chanel R on 205 entertainment and said, Lawrence Nana Asiamah Hanson aka Bulldog is a notable fake manager to have contracted his artist on radio whiles he could have called his personal lines to inform them. Now, tell me Tony Pan, what are you now? Just access your work and tell me if you are correct. You are morethan a rotten totobi, you know nothing, Shatta’s call was even a proposal, now you have gone ahead to put an artist on your show without calling him, making his clients querying him. We know you intentionally did that. Fake and saboteurs are your names. Next time, come and learn how to manage an artist. You speak anyhow.

I know, his angry and confused fans will come at me, but this is a fact. But i dont care, because Good Overevil, Funny Face, chill, no one can destroy you. God is with you. This is not their first time. They have been doing this for long. That is their accolade.



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