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Samuel the Calf Just Wants You To Cuddle Him

Samuel the Calf Just Wants You To Cuddle Him | Amazing

This sweet baby cow just loves his human, Ismael, and will do just about anything for more snuggle time — even if that means breaking the rules and sneaking inside the house!

Samuel lives at an animal sanctuary called Gaia in Girona, a city in the Catalan region of Spain. Like this herd of milk cows, he was rescued from a butcher with just days left to live, and was very sick when he first arrived at the refuge. The veterinary team pulled out all the stops for him, and now he’s happy, healthy, and very affectionate!

Though Samuel is now much too big to be coming inside the house, even full-grown cows love affection and playing games. But back when he was a calf, he was able to pursue the sanctuary’s vet, Ismael, into the house in search of more cuddle! Newborn calves are roughly the size and shape of a Labrador, and are similarly interested in the love of humans.

You can see little Samuel nuzzling and leaning on Ismael, as the vet concedes defeat and gives the adorable bovine the kisses he craves. Alongside a bevy of farm dogs, the little cow begs for attention, and, thanks to his diminutive size, blends right in with the pack!

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Via Santuario Gaia



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