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How To Satisfy A Woman If You Have A Small Penis

How To Satisfy A Woman If You Have A Small Penis

When it comes to sex, many are the men who think a big phallus is what it takes to satisfy a woman and so you find them running “helter skelter” in search of all types of medicines to enlarge their member, but truth be told, that’s not really necessary to a woman.

To a woman, if you’re able to make her achieve that orgasm every time and anytime even with your finger or tongue, that’s enough. If that hadn’t been the case, women will not have had lesbian partners, do lesbian partners have a “ding dong?” Nope! but yet they are able to satisfy each other.

Before we can go on to elaborate on this topic, we first of all need to establish and understand what a small penis is. If you’re between 1 – 4 inches when erect, you’re small in size, between 5-8 inches, you’re average, between 8 – 13 inches, you’re enormous, that’s the monster penis right there and only prostitutes will love that one, because most women will not spend the rest of their lives living by this kind of penis, if you don’t believe us, you can ask Falcon (The man with the 13 inches penis)

As a man, what you need to focus on is how to satisfy the woman and not the size you have. So if you’re not blessed in the department of “Bambara Bura Matari” then don’t be downtrodden by those with the bigger ones, because to a woman, you’re a king if you are able to make her ‘cum’ all the time.

So without much ado, here are 8 tips on how to satisfy a woman if you’re not blessed with a big penis.

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Tip #1: Master Cunnilingus

Many men always think about penetration when it comes to sex but that’s not all it’s needed to a woman. If you’re good at using your tongue, she equally gets satisfied. And so if you know you don’t have a big penis, concentrate on mastering the use of your tongue to please her and when you become a master at this, she’s surely going to worship you probably more than a man who has a very big penis. You should know that, even midgets have beautiful women, ever wondered what they really do that makes women adore them so much? Yeah! You got it right.

Tip #2: Master Foreplay

When it comes to sex, foreplay is paramount to a woman, so if you take your time to caress and cuddle her to the point of orgasm, you will not need much effort by the time you decide to penetrate and when she’s on that height, she doesn’t care whether your penis is small or not, everything in there feels good, even when it’s flaccid.

Tip #3: Go For Doggy style

A woman’s vagina is just 3-4 inches in length and the only time you can really tell is when she’s in a doggystyle position. Women usually feel the width and length of the penis more when in the doggy style position than other positions because usually in that position, there’s always a deep penetration. So if you know you have a small penis, always go for the doggy style position.

Tip #4: Know The Anatomy Of A Woman

It’s important to know the anatomy of a woman to tell how her system works to be able to know what to do to satisfy her rather than only thinking about penetration alone.

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If you master the anatomy of a woman, especially her sexual organ, you will be able to tell where it’s most sensitive to “attack” to give her that explosive orgasm and she will appreciate it much more than just penetrative sex.

Even with a good knowledge of her sex organ and sensitive buds, you will know how to penetrate so you don’t aim for the cervix instead of the G-spot and clitoris.

Tip #5: Concentrate On The Clitoris And G-Spot

These are the most sensitive parts of a woman, concentrate on that, rather than thinking of penetrating deeper because that’s where all her nerve endings are. What you need to know is that, the clitoris is the most sensitive part of a woman and the nerves alone in that small bud is much more than all the nerves in a woman.

Also learn to find where the G-spot is, so you will be able to know the kind of position you can use to always hit it. Remember, the key here is always make her achieve orgasm.

Tip #6: Know Her Most Sensitive Spots

Every woman comes in a different package, know your woman’s sensitive parts. You can just ask her and she will tell you. While some women have their sensitive parts to be their scalp, others have it behind their ears. Every woman and where you touch that pleases her the most, so find out the sensitive spot(s) of your woman to know how to please her properly.

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Tip #7: Maintain A Strong Erection

Don’t worry much about the length of your penis, but if you are unable to maintain a strong erection, then you need to worry about that, because no woman will be pleased with that. A woman can stand a small penis so long as it’s hard enough to give her that satisfaction, but a small penis and flaccid too, that’s useless to a woman.

If you will need any medicine, it shouldn’t be for a bigger and longer penis, it should be for a strong erection because honestly, that’s what really satisfies a woman and not the length of it. So it’s important during sex that you’re able to maintain a stronger erection.

Tip #8: Last Longer

If there’s one thing most women hate, it’s premature ejaculation because women take much longer to orgasm compared to men and so if you have a smaller penis but able to maintain a strong erection and also last longer till she orgasms, then you should know, you are crowning yourself as king in her heart.

The question now is how do you achieve that? Make time for foreplay, don’t rush and when you in there, don’t force it, be cool and wriggle rather than thrusting with brutal force. Go at a slower pace till she increases the pace, not you. Always concentrate on how to make her orgasm before you reach your climax and you will always win.



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