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Scientists have found that sex with curvy women is much better

For many years glossy magazines have been trying to convince people that skinny 90-60-90 girls are the standard of beauty. However, scientists believe differently. In particular, Nobel laureate in the field of genetics, James Watson came to the conclusion that overweight women are not only more successful and happy in life, but also are usually better in sex.

So why plumpness is the key to a great sex life? Dr. James Watson explains.

  1. Plump women are happier

Thinness was never associated with sexuality. Even in ancient times there was a belief that women of size are the best lovers. There is more endorphin produced in their bodies, and that is the hormone of happiness and joy, which is closely associated with sexual desire.

  1. Plump women are healthier

The “hourglass” figure means health and fertility. The narrow waist, wide hips, large breasts make the woman look perfect from both health and sex points of view.

  1. Happy in life – happy in bed

One simple rule operates here: if a girl is happy in life, she is happy in bed. She has no restrictions and limits. She thinks about her pleasure. So if a woman is good in bed and if she knows what she wants, which man can resist her?

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