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See the Uganda Youths that will trek to kenya because of Obama

US President Barack Obama is expected in Kenya this July where he is likely to spend less than 8 hours before he jets back to America.
Obama’s imminent visit is the first in Kenya ever since he became US President 6 years ago. And believe it the city is readying itself to receive the most powerful man on earth. You should see what Kidero is doing already.
While Kenyans are bracing themselves for the visit, a section of Ugandan youths is planning to walk all the way from Uganda to Nairobi to meet Obama.
But what is the reason behind their long trek?

Uganda’s The Insider reports that the youths are members of the National Resistance Movement, an anti-Museveni faction that left the ruling party after Museveni sacked former premier Amama Mbabazi in 2014.
Among the things the youths want to tell Obama is how Museveni is a dictator and the problems Ugandans are going through under his leadership.
The youths have already produced anti-Museveni placards and posters and readying themselves for the long journey to Nairobi with the message:
Have you craved for democracy, a better economy and a much more secure Uganda?
Do you want to experience a fundamental change and kick dictatorship out of Uganda?
Join the NRM Poor Youths in our historical long walk to Kenya for Uganda’s freedom to meet US President Barack Obama and together let’s hand him special report detailing atrocities this regime has inflicted on Ugandans for close to three decades

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