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Sex Talk Realness: Virginity

Sex Talk Realness: Virginity

They’re not that innocent: Four anonymous twentysomething virgins share why they’re waiting, how the guys they date feel about it, how often they masturbate, and more.


How old are you?

Woman A: 23.

Woman B: 25.

Woman C: 23.

Woman D: 24.

Are you intentionally waiting? (e.g. for marriage, for love, etc.)

Woman A: Yes.

Woman B: Yes, for marriage.

Woman C: I’m not necessarily waiting for marriage, but I’m waiting until I’m with someone who is whole-heartedly devoted to the relationship.

Woman D: I guess you can say that I am intentionally waiting for some kind of love. I just don’t want to regret doing it with someone who does not care about me because I know I would be hurt.

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