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This Is What Shatta Wale Got to Say About Shatta Michy’s “1 Million Dollar” Container Pub

If Shatta Wale still has balls, he should be attacking his former friend, Ara B for posting about his wife’s newly opened ‘container pub’ inside East Legon. For some strange reason, he’s always been on bloggers and even have a diss song for bloggers for always writing the negative stories about him when he’s the one who fuels it.

I don’t know about other bloggers but when it comes to blogging, I don’t involve my emotions at all. I can write on whatever I want to write when I have the time so far as it’s the truth and I can defend it on any day.

As a blogger, I have covered several events Shatta Wale has performed at from 4syte Music video awards, his album launch, MTN Pulse Concert and several others, I can’t even recollect. I have equally written both the negative and positive stories about Shatta Wale and not just him but every other celebrity in this country.

When it comes to Entertainment, we report on the good, the bad and the ugly–We don’t care you are our favorite artiste or that your fans won’t like it.

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All over the world, positive and negative stories are written about celebrities so sometimes, I don’t get people who say that in Ghana, we like to always write bad news about our celebrities as if we don’t write about the good things they do as well.

You can search for Shatta Wale or Sarkodie or Yvonne Nelson on our blog and you would have different articles, from the good ones, to the bad ones and to the ugly ones–It’s showbiz, if it doesn’t happen, we won’t report. There are times, we choose to ignore some of them.

Now let’s move to the main focus on this article. Shatta Wale has called bloggers ‘foolish’ for reporting on his wife’s container pub—But it’s a container pub? So did someone lie?

Well, I don’t know what others wrote but it’s funny how Shatta Wale is angry at bloggers for reporting on that one.

In any case, if people are mocking her wife’s business, we are not responsible for their opinions or comments.

Ara B was the first person to have even posted the picture of the place on his Facebook account tagging it as ‘Container Lifestyle’ and his post was what prompted our publication in the first place.

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So if there’s anybody Shatta Wale should be dissing on his timeline, it should be Ara B and other people from his opponents camp–Maybe he’s scared of Ara B. (Dude could release part 2 of Obishi if he dares.

Now incase Shatta Wale is not getting why people are mocking him, let me explain it for him.

No one mocks anyone for starting a business in a container. I mentioned in my earlier article that I personally see nothing wrong with it because I know in life, sometimes you have to start small, then you go big–So why would I mock someone for achieving something for herself? At the end of the day, although it’s a container pub, I am sure she would have invested not less than Ghc15,000 in it.

People are mocking the ‘container pub’ not because it’s a container pub but because this is a pub of a man who brags all of the time–We know how he brags about being the richest musician in Ghana, having a $1 million mansion, having soo much money and all that. He even mocks his fellow artistes.

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So for someone who mocks others, now understand that, one has to start somewhere? He now knows that, anyone’s destiny can change at any point in time?

Michy is not an angel either!! There’s this beef between her and Ara B which in the end got Ara B into prison because he accused her of being a ‘cheap lesbian’ among other things. (Something I condemn but it’s bad to attack women that way without evidence but he later apologised)

The whole point it, people were expecting something much bigger than a ‘container pub’ from the wife of a man who BRAGS too much.

So dear Shatta and fans of Wale, if you are looking for someone to blame, it’s Ara B.

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