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If Promzy Wants to Kill Me, I’m Waiting for Him – Reggie ROCKSTONE

It’s silly to say I have short lyrics – Reggie Rockstone fires

Hiplife grandpapa, Reggie Rockstone has described comments by a section of the public that his performance on VVIP tracks shows how weak he has become as a rapper as silly.

smile when kids first listen to a VVIP joint freshly dropped and say silly things like” Reggie short lyrix!told u we ain’t bout rap!#HITS

— Reggie Rockstone (@ReggieRockstone) November 17, 2016

In a series of tweets chanced on, Reggie Rockstone indicated that he does not need to prove to anyone that he can rap since his track record speaks for itself.

I guess I jus feel like dues have bin over paid and I aint gotta prove myself to a young head! Check my back see! Still in” front” tho!

He further explained that being a member of the group does not suggest that it would be known for a different style of music stressing that the tradition of the group remains same.

VVIP/VIP tradition remains same Folx! A good beat! Small simple rap! A catchy hook and yo dancing feet is the way of this legendary group

Reggie Rockstone did Reggie Rockstone as he Duz! VVIP is a new story! Do not mix the two! Time to go in with the barz and u know yaw canReggie Rockstone joined VIP [which was made up of Zeal, Promzy and Prodigal] in 2013 after the exit of Promzy. The group then metamorphosed into VVIP and has since produced a number of hit songs including ‘Skolom’, ‘Alhaji’, ‘Dogo Yaro’ and won awards both locally and internationally.

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Our source can authoritatively say that VVIP is a force to reckon with in Ghana’s music industry. Indeed, VVIP has been seen on almost all the big stages, shot classic videos and has led their fans to help clean up the capital city and other areas during the National Sanitation Day.

There have been comments that Reggie Rockstone is too old to join a relatively youthful, energetic music group but the rapper replied that “When it comes to music, age is not a factor. What matters is the ability to coordinate well and deliver.”

Meanwhile, Filmmaker, Socrate Safo has urged all to learn from Reggie Rockstone instead of making attempts to retire him.

“We must put a stop to this. We retire our footballers, musicians instead of tapping from their experience. You’ll see some young and ignorant people mount unnecessary pressure on you and you subsequently bow out. Reggie, move on. Don’t be intimidated by these kids. I don’t see anything wrong with his craft. He still sounds good so what is the issue? He can dance, he’s handsome, he can dance so well so I don’t get why someone should raise this issue. In showbiz, there’s no retiring age,” he said on Peace FM.

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