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Legalize Homosexuality in Ghana - Gueenmother insist

Soldier rescues gay from severe beatings at Nima

A passerby military man became the unlikely
saviour of a confessed homosexual who was
being handed severe beatings by an irate
youth at Kawukudi park, near Nima in Accra
on Sunday 30th August 2015.

The soldier whose name has been withheld
was merely passing by when he noticed a
crowd beating a young man so decided to find
out what was happening only to realise that
the victim was being beaten so severely just
because he was gay.

According to eyewitnesses, the victim, Abdul
Kadiri Mutawakil who also stays in Nima was
invited by a friend to watch a football game at
the Kawukudi park not aware of the hidden
intention to beat him up after proofs and
evidences against him of being gay, which he
admitted himself.

Mutawakil allegedly claimed he had been born
as a homosexual and therefore cannot control
the urge of his sexual orientation, words
which angered the angry crowd even more as
they jumped on him and handed him severe

Luck was on his side however when he was
rescued due to the intervention of the Military
man who stopped the angry mob and
prevented the situation from escalating.
The beating of Abdul Kadiri Mutawakil comes
few months after another alleged gay was
beaten up, lashed and made to confess his
sexual orientation in a video recording at the
same Nima.

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Homosexualism is frowned upon by the
Ghanaian society even though rumours persist
that a host of people actively engage in it.



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