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6 bedroom mistakes women must stop making today

Stop! 6 bedroom mistakes women must stop making today

A woman in love want to please her man, but a lot of women often go about things the wrong way.

Be sure you are not guilty of these six things below.

1.Making assumptions

Men cannot read minds. If there is something you like, let him know. Do not stay still and quiet through the process, only to bash him later, saying he does not know what he is doing in bed.

2.Never initiating

This is very common with a lot of women. You get so shy that you cannot ask your man for se x when you want it. Men love it when you initiate. It makes them feel desired, especially from a woman he loves. So, make the move tonight.
3.Being inactive

You are a se xual being, show it by being an active participant in the se x act. It takes two to screw. Never let the man do all the work while you just lay there. Unsexy.

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