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The Real ‘Nana Wan’ Vrs The Fake Nana One (wan)’: Did The Church Stage Everything?

You would remember we broke a story about a certain Nana Wan who confessed to ‘killing’ 114 babies, her two sisters, his son and several other innocent girls exchange for enormous wealth from a marine spirit at the Resurrection Power New Generation Church. Well sources and further digging into the story by Ghbase.com turns to reveal that, the whole story …

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Nana Kwame Wiafe (Nana Wan) Responds To Alleged ‘Sakawa’ Rumours & Calls For Arrest of Impostor

Facebook has been buzzing with news about an alleged Sakawa Boy known as “Nana Wan” who has repented of his bad ways and given his life to Christ.The image which was spreading all over was another popular young mogul known as “Nana Kwame Wiafe” who is also nicknamed as “Nana Wan” and unfortunately this has created a bad name for …

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Popular Sakawa Boy Nana Wan Confesses Killing 114 Babies, His Son, 2 Sisters & More For 500 Billion A Week + Repents

Nana Wan Confesses Killing 114 Babies

When the list of the richest men under 30 in Ghana is drawn Nana Wan, the Money god will certainly be in it — BUT now he would be off that list as he has confessed the evil things he did to get all of the wealth he owned at the Resurrection Power Ministry church at Weija. We are sharing …

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