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THE OLD TAFO RIOT: This is the Untold story you should know 

The Old Tafo cemetery is divided into Muslims and Christian stretch.
The chief has sold/leased plots of the cemetery to the workers at Suame magazine to operate there. Building a wall around the wall would affect the people whom the chief illegally sold the land to. 

Muslims in kumasi and its surroundings last year started to build a fence wall around the Old Tafo Cemetery to deter people from using the cemetery as a place to smoke week, lodge or do criminal activities. 

The project which started last year commenced from the Christian side of the cemetery towards the Muslim side. The construction was a bit slow due to inadequate funds so its this year that the construction got to the muslim side. 

 On Saturday the 6th of February, 2016, the chief of old Tafo went to the cemetery to break the wall (all by himself). When a section of the youth approached him (without the notion He was the chief) asked who demolished the newly built wall, the chief boasted that it was him. There was when He (the chief) was beaten up by yhe youth.

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DCOP Kofi Boakye and his men came to bring calm to the area and promised to resolve the issue.

Then yesterday which was the 10th of February, 2016, the chief mobilised the youth in his area to and demolish the wall. They went on to destroy the wall and dug out fresh corpses of the muslim cemetery.  

  Word got to the a section of the Zongo youth who also reacted to that effect resulting in what happened yesterday.

A policeman who was serving as security to the ATWIMA KWANWOMA RURAL BANK shot 2 people. One is dead and the other is hospitalised. 

According to sources, the Chief is now in Accra for his safety. 

I want to say on record that, this is not a fight between Muslims and Christians BUT the disrespect of religious ethics and norms.

The chief as a leader should have initially involved the police or religious leaders to solve this amicable. But to take laws in his own hands, the youth had to do same.



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