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The other side of the Anas judicial scandal – Nana Kwame Buabeng writes

I know Ghanaians are still jubilating over the
“wondrous investigative work” of Ghana’s man
of the moment Anas Aremeyaw Anas,for
exposing the corrupt activities of Ghana’s
No one is looking at the extent as to which the
of Ghana’s judiciary can go to affect the
I am not in any way supporting the treacherous
behaviour of those who were suppose to bring
us justice
but refused,because of their greedy self-centred
gains,I don’t know any of my descendants
who was even a courtroom cleaner,so there’s no
bias here fair is fair.
I have been in the university for the past two
years and in my journalism class I learnt
something about responsibilities of the
media;according to my lecturer (Dr.Frankie Asare-
Donkoh,a former vice president of the Ghana
Journalist Association),the responsibilities of the
media is classified into the following : Social
responsibilities,Ethical responsibilities and National
responsibilities or d-notices.
My focus is on the ethical and national
Let’s therefore take a brief explanation into the
Ethical responsibilities,there are rules to every
work even robbery.In dealing with issues
journalists must play by certain code of
The most important is to minimise harm which
says ; journalists must be sensitive when seeking
or using photographs of those affected by
tragedy or grief.
Journalists must also understand private people
have a greater expectation of privacy than public
National responsibilities is the agreements
government make with the media for the
country’s interest.
I will begin my argument by using the national
debt of responsibility the media owns to the
The judicial scandal is a very huge national issue
and it’s obviously of the nations interest but my
question is,where exactly did our interest lie?
Is it on the mere fact that we were so interested
exposing corrupt judges that we forgot the
picture we were painting to world?
Ghana was announced the 3rd most corrupt
country in the world and I am sure this case
played a major role with us winning the bronze
medal for that survey.
I am against the whole process on how
everything was carried out concerning this issue.
It’s ethically bankrupt and the national interest of it
has been misplaced totally.
How would the United States or the United
Kingdom deal with such
delicate national issue?
We probably won’t hear of it because it makes
the country unattractive for investors and it
reduces a country’s credibility in terms of
international dealings.
A typical example is Prince Harry’s Afghanistan
story,the British media was
quiet about the entire process for the benefit of
the nation.
Let’s just assume Ghana is at war with
Togo,would you go ahead to
publish Ghana’s war strategy?
We just exposed our judiciary to the entire world
that they are perhaps the worst corrupt
individuals alive.
Whilst other countries secretly
deal with their issues.
What’s the prove that this bust out will fight
corruption in the country?
It’s nothing but a dirt on Ghana’s reputation.
Did Anas think about the consequences of this
The national responsibility of the media goes
beyond just exposing some big belly bad guys
but also thinking about the sensitivity of the issue
and how beneficial it will be to the nation.
What exactly will this solve?
I don’t think it will put a stop to corruption in this
country,actually stopping corruption is an illusion.
Do you think the USA,UK and the other European
countries that we highly look up to are free from
corruption cancer?
It’s about what will build the nation and not what
destroy it,that’s what is meant by national interest
and putting the nation ahead of everything.
We have to be circumspect in our dealings with
national issues.

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