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The Real ‘Nana Wan’ Vrs The Fake Nana One (wan)’: Did The Church Stage Everything?

You would remember we broke a story about a certain Nana Wan who confessed to ‘killing’ 114 babies, her two sisters, his son and several other innocent girls exchange for enormous wealth from a marine spirit at the Resurrection Power New Generation Church. Well sources and further digging into the story by Ghbase.com turns to reveal that, the whole story COULD be FAKE and one POSSIBLY scripted by the church to sort of scare people who want to indulge in ritual money and to create an impression that, the Resurrection Power New Generation is the only true and powerful church in Ghana.

Yes, you are going to find out why and we would explain all of that, so you can share the same school of thought with us.

Apparently the young man who made the confession at the church on the 25th September, 2016 identified himself as Nana Poku aka Nana Wan but after the story broke out, he indicated in one audio which leaked that, his is spelt ‘one’ and not ‘wan’ so he’s known as Nana One–Fair enough.

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When he first made the confession, about how he got himself into ritual money and all that, almost everyone thought he was one Nana Kwame Waife who’s popularly known as ‘Nana Wan’ because in Ghana, everyone knows of only one young and rich ‘Nana Wan’ so it was no surprise when anyone who heard the story thought it was the real Nana Wan. The fake ‘Nana One’ was confident and made it clear that, he was the ‘Nana Wan’ we’ve all been hearing of when asked by the pastor and that he’s even changed physically because of the several sexual encounters he’s been having with the daughter of the Marine spirit, which made him weak and change in a way.

So the ‘Nana Wan, Nana Wan’ we’ve been hearing about, you are the one?? The pastor questioned

Yes, it’s me. Every car that you see in town with the name ‘Nana One (Wan) ’ belongs to me

During the time he was making all those ‘scripted‘ confessions the authorities wouldn’t allow anyone to take a picture, video or even record his confessions with their phones or any electronic device and that we can understand. The pastor scared the hell out of anyone who had an intention to take record of any of his confessions or snap a picture of him. At one point, the pastor even started cursing those who didn’t pay heed to his earlier warning, saying fire would consume their phones and all sort of things that that unprintable, if they record anything and take it out of the church.

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Nonetheless, we still got some audios from the church because not everyone believes in those things.

Because pictures of the young man making the confession was not taken, when the story was published by several online platforms in the country and across Africa, the famous ‘Nana Wan’ suffered the consequence of bashing from the public because his picture was used in the stories as the man who confessed to killing those innocent babies, 2 sisters, son and other innocent girls for rituals. The story broke the walls of the internet and spread across several African countries and even Africans in the diaspora heard of the story and formed a bad impression about the real ‘Nana Wan’ because they thought it was him who admitted to committing all those atrocities.

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