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'I Don't Feel Like I Gotta Try To Prove Myself' - Meek Mill Removes His Drake Diss from Soundcloud

The Undertaker Sues Meek Mill For Using His WWE Theme Song In Drake Diss Track – READ MORE

A few hours after Meek Mill
dropped a diss track towards Drake titled
“Wanna Know”, it is being reported that WWE
legend, The Undertaker, is suing Meek Mill for
using his WWE theme song in the diss track.

Meek Mill and Drake have been going at it for
the last few days. First with Meek claiming
Drake doesn’t write his own lyrics, then Drake
dropping two diss tracks titled “Charged Up
and “Back to Back”, and finally with Meek
dropping his kingly awaited diss of his own.
“Wanna Know” is getting mostly negative
reviews. Not everyone seems to like the diss
track, especially WWE legend The Undertaker.

The Undertaker filed a $500,000 lawsuit
against Meek Mill for the illegal sample of his
famous WWE theme in “Wanna Know”. “I don’t
know if he didn’t think I was going to hear it,
but I did” says the Undertaker, real name Mark
Calaway “I wouldn’t have filed a lawsuit if the
track was actually good. But since he included
my theme in a f*cking garbage track, I’m
angry. My plain theme song was a better diss
itself than Meek Mill’s” finished The
Undertaker. You can listen to the diss here.
Meek Mill and The Undertaker will be battling
the lawsuit in the next weeks to come.

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