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“The VGMAs Is A Waste of Time” -Chase Forever


Ghanaian singer, Chase Forever born Fianko Bossman has been explaining why he also voluntarily opted out of the 2016 edition of Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs).

According to him, the country’s biggest music award event is waste of his time, alleging “it does not reward excellence rather popularity.”

“I have not submitted because it’s a waste of time. I have constantly submitted for songwriters and never made that category but everybody in Ghana knows I’m a songwriter right? I wrote songs that made it to the top and never got recognized,” he told early Wednesday.

High life musician, Kwabena Kwabena eaelier Tuesday said the award ceremony is a ‘private party’ and he started boycotting it three years ago.

Also the VGMAs Board announced on Tuesday that, one of the country’s foremost musicians and the man who prices himself as the ‘dancehall king’, Shatta Wale doesn’t qualify for this year’s award unless he completes the process of officially apologising for maligning the VGMA Board.

That declaration was made at a press conference in the capital Accra, to address issues and controversies generated by this year’s award.

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Chase who also said he is not taking part in this year’s award, ‘the VGMAs needs to take a second look at its activities because, “everybody can’t lie.”

“Well a private party (laughs) I don’t really know how Kwabena interpreted that but everybody can’t lie. I put a lot in my art. When my song: Tell Me Your Name came out, there was nothing like that. I feel like the board dwell on popularity more than the craft. So no shade but if a monkey had a song out and it was popular they’ll over look my creativity and hand an award to the monkey. I spent a lot on my music; video craft, directors and making sure my video interprets the music,” he said.

“I wish them well but they should pay attention to creatives. Popularity is good but the technical aspect of the music lacks attention. I’m not inspired to make music in Ghana. They had me second guessing myself for real. But music is music when it’s good it is good,” he added.




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