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WhatsApp finally launches on the Web

This is how to use the same WhatsApp account on two different smartphones simultaneously

Here is the manner by which to utilize the same WhatsApp account on different telephones in the meantime

The most well known visit informing administration, WhatsApp has one greatest downside. You can’t utilize the WhatsApp account on more than one telephone at once, as each WhatsApp record is connected with a solitary telephone number. The reason being that the WhatsApp application on your telephone checks for a dynamic telephone number at general interims and on the off chance that it is not able to discover a match, it will ask you to re-confirm with a specific end goal to utilize it once more. Therefore, the same WhatsApp record can’t be utilized on numerous telephones. In any case, there is a straightforward workaround that can make this conceivable.


This technique works in spite of the fact that it may not be the most exquisite of arrangements. Keeping in mind the end goal to make it work, everything you need is a dynamic web association on the second telephone. It additionally works without a SIM card.

  1. Sort web.whatsapp.com on the versatile program of the second telephone that you need to likewise utilize WhatsApp on.

  2. It will naturally divert you to the WhatsApp landing page. Select “Solicitation desktop site” (this could vary from program to program) from the program alternatives. It will then unmistakably open up the wanted Web page with a QR code showed on it.

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  1. Go to alternatives/settings and select “WhatsApp Web” (take note of that you will need to log out before continuing, in the event that you are as of now utilizing WhatsApp Web on some other program) on the telephone that has WhatsApp introduced and running. It will start up the QR scanner.


  1. Presently, utilizing the WhatsApp application on the to begin with, output the QR code showed on the second telephone. This will naturally sign in with your record to WhatsApp Web on the second telephone. You can now utilize WhatsApp on both the telephones all the while.
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