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Tyga Confirms Dating A 17-Year-Old?
Tyga Confirms Dating A 17-Year-Old?

Tyga Hooked Up With Other Girls Hours After Breaking Up With Kylie Jenner

Uh-oh. It reportedly didn’t take Tyga long to get over his breakup with Kylie Jenner. Mere hours after he and Kylie split, Tyga was allegedly flirting and dancing with other women at his birthday party, according to a new report!
Kylie Jenner, 18, has reconciled with her boyfriend, Tyga, 26, but are these two headed for just another breakup? Tyga reportedly didn’t let Kylie dumping him drag him down. The “Ice Cream Man” rapper allegedly celebrated both his birthday and his newly single status by allegedly partying with other women!

Just hours after Kylie and Tyga had their emotional breakup, he “moved on” and “celebrated his birthday with other women,” according to a new report in the Dec. 7 issue of In Touch magazine. While Kylie and the rest of the Kardashian family ignored Tyga on his Nov. 19 birthday, a source tells In Touch that Tyga didn’t spend the night alone.

After reportedly entering 1OAK surrounded by several ladies, Tyga was “flirting with a girl in a white dress who was dancing in front of him all night,” according to In Touch‘s source. “He danced with her, talked to her and played with her hair.”

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This reported woman, allegedly named Jamie, also allegedly joined Tyga for dinner earlier in the night, according to In Touch’s report. After Kylie dumped her boyfriend over discovering evidence of cheating on his computer, what does this reported birthday hook-up mean for their reunited relationship?

Tyga better watch himself. He’s going to be in danger if he was hooking up with women moments after splitting from Kylie. After all, Kylie’s sister, Kendall Jenner, wanted to claw his eyes out for hurting Kylie. The rest of Kylie’s family didn’t treat Tyga any better, pretending that he didn’t even exist. Kris Jenner was actually thrilled over the breakup, and Kylie seemed happy too, celebrating being “single af” before hanging out with rapper A$AP Rocky.



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