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Veera Update on Monday 10th October 2016

Chaiji becomes furious at Ratan for throwing the food away, and informs her that she will leave the house.
However, Ratan stops her from leaving.
Baldev steals money from his house.Ratan has dinner with the family members.
Veera feeds her.
She asks Nihal to feed Ratan, but he ignores her.
Gurpreet confronts Kartaar for asking Nihal to leave Ratan’s house.
Nihal requests Ratan to cook something for him.
He fixes the ceiling fan.

Ranvi has bunked the school and went to the pot maker. Its lunch time. Both Gunjan and Veera are searching for their respective Veerji. Veera is refusing to have food without her Veerji. Gunjan tells Ranvi might have gone out to complete some important work and he might feel bad if he gets to know that Veera didnt have her food. Veera agrees and goes with Gunjan.

Kartar and Balwant are in the fields. Bansuri serves lunch for her husband. Balwant asks whether Kartar fought with Gurpreet and is it the reason for her not to bring lunch for him. Bansuri tells that she had brought so much food and it can be shared. She leaves the place. Kartar says to Balwant that he is lucky to have a wife like Bansuri. Balwant tells he just commented for fun and not to take it seriously. Kartar starts to complain about Gurpreet.

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He tells that a woman is responsible for making a home hell or heaven and Gurpreet had made his home a hell. Balwant is surprised to hear such things from Kartar. Bansuri had not yet left the place and she smiles hearing Kartar’s complaint. Kartar says its not necessary to look as it is. He goes on about his rants on Gurpreet and finally leaves.

Ranvi sees a doll and paints it to look like his papaji. He talks to the doll that he is not feeling like going to school as he is being humiliated. Ranvi realises that it must be 2 pm and runs towards the school. While running he hears the voice of tiger. Ranvi hides behind the bushes to look what it is. The tiger crosses a path. Ranvi rushes to protect Veera as she will be alone.

In the village, he meets Baldev and his friend who has also bunked the class. Ranvi tells them that he saw a lion. Both laugh at him. Baldev asks whether he didnt find anyone else to make fun of. He comments that he might have seen a wild cat and mistook it to be lion. Further, Baldev asks him not to tell anyone as they will make fun of him. He doesnt take it seriously and threatens to make him stand before a real lion if he makes fun of him once again. Ranvi decides not to tell anyone. On reaching school, the watchman informs him that Veera left to home.

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Gunjan is carrying Veera’s bag along with hers. Veera says that she will not be able to carry as she is small and that is why her Veerji always takes her bag. Bansuri notices this. Veera says the same to Bansuri when she asks her about the bag. Gunjan hands the bag to Veera. Gunjan says she dint notice Baldev even during interval. Bansuri chides her for always being with Veera and asks Gunjan to learn atleast the only one good thing that Veera has (being with Ranvi). Veera supports Gunjan. Bansuri shuts her up saying not to talk between. Veera in her usual joking mode says that she is not standing in between but standing aside. She also says to learn how to raise kids from her Beeji. Bansuri gets irritated and spills that she lost her mother on birth and further her father also. She tells that Veera is an orphan. Veera decides to ask the meaning to moti chaiji. Ranvi sees Veera and both decide to have kulfi.

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The tiger is searching for its prey. It sees a goat and approaches it. We just hear the lion roaring and goat goes missing.
Its dinner time at Ranvi’s house. Nihaal enquires about Ranvi’s studies. Veera says she wants to ask Chaiji a question. Chaiji is elated as Veera is asking a question to her after a very long time. Veera doesnt remember the word initially but recollects it. Everyone are shocked to hear it and doesnt respond to her. Chaiji breaks the silence and tells she is getting used to see Veera talk such silly th



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