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Veera Update on Monday 17th October 2016

Episode starts with Nihall hugging Ranveera protectively. Ratan, Chaji and all join him; Ratan and Moti Chaiji are relived, as Ranveera are safe. Ranveer scolds Veera for not listing to him and returning back to where he was standing thus putting herself in danger. Veera replies him asking how can she leave her Veerji when he is in danger? (Veera title song playing) Villagers thank Nihaal and praise him about not only Ranveera but also the whole village. They decide to send the tiger to national park since it is unconscious.
Villagers celebrating as the danger of tiger is removed. Balwant joins them apologies for not being there when the villagers needed him the most. Ratan says had she been in Bansuri’s place she would have done the same, as a mother she would want to save her child first. Balwant
still not convinced, express his disappointment on himself of not being lived up to villager’s expectations and not being a selfless sarpanch like Sampooran. Seeing Balwant saying such good things about Sampooran, Kartar become annoyed, says its doesn’t matter who is alive who is dead (referring to Saompooran ) and they most important think is Ranveera are safe hence we all shoud be happy. Ratan gives him back agreeing with his statement in a sarcastic way. She further says Veera is safe thanks to Rv and Nihaal, otherwise Kartar has agreed to compromise with Veera’s life. Kartar tries to defend himself but Ratan says that she hasn’t seen him trying to save veera and we know our well- wishers when we are in trouble. Gurpreet is happy to see Karta getting a piece of mind. Ratn sees Nihaal in pain, they decide to take him to hospital.
After they leave, Balwant says how Nihaal has become the saviour of their village. Baktawar questions Balwant about Nihall still staying in their village. He further says its not social service Nihaal is doing but service for Ratn house. Balwant asks Baktawar to stop talking nonsense and lectures him about how Nihaal has cared for the village’s reputation by winning a trophy in their village’s name and all. Kartar interrupts him saying even he finds Nihaal doing so much for Ratn and family. Balwant is surprised and shocked by Kartar’s hatred twords Nihaal , doubts his recent intentions.
In hospital, Doctor treating Nihaal. Ratan promises she will take care of Nihaal and will make sure he takes his medicines on time. She is amused to see Nihaal having fear of injection. She thinks to herself how can a man who fights with a dangerous tiger, can have fear for small things auch as chipkali and injection.
At Balwant’s home, hearing Balwant’s voice Bansuri instructs Baldev to behave the way she has teached him to. Balwants asks Baldev where he was when the tiger was in school. Balwant tries to cover up his fauts by saying lies, but Balwant catches him. When he asks Balwant where he was, Balwant runs away. Bansuri gives a victorious smile. Balwant lecures bansuri about her blind love leading Baldev’s dark future. He further says she is going to regret it.
Ranveera infront of sampooran’s picture, Rv talking to his fathers pic and saying Veera has scared him today by going in front of the tiger. Veera innocently says how she had the opportunity to see tiger so close and how good it was looking. Rv scolds Veera for her carelessness and goes away. Moti chaiji witnesses this, explains Veera about how we cant come back once tiger eats us. Veera asks her since her Veerji scolded her for the first time, does that mean her Veerji doesn’t love her anymore? Chaiji explais her Rv will always love her no matter what and today he scolded her because he loves her so much.

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Veera goes to see who is sitting in the room sad, she hugs him from behind asking him to scold her more as scolding means loving someone the most. Veera sees Rv dejected, asks her where did he go leaving her back at school.

Ranvi expresses his concern over what would he say to his mother when he asks about him. Veera says to tell that it was she who sent him to get pencil. Ranvi refuses to lie. Veera is happy to get scoldings from mother on her veerji’s behalf as it means loving someone so dearly. She laughs loud.
Ratan is driving the tractor. Nihaal is with her. Both argue on where should Nihaal be unless he is alright. Ratan says its a chance for her to do something for Nihaal as its always she who has been on receiving end. She tells him that he has done so many favors and has taken up all her worries as his and solved. Ratan doesn’t accept Nihaal to go Chaiji’s house as he is weak and wants to take care of him in a good way.
Veera is asking Chaiji to tell some easy way to make her learn how to tie
hair. They notice Ratan and Nihaal entering the home. Veera asks Nihaal as why he came in between as she is Sherni and would have fought with lion easily. Nihaal laughs but replies that it was important to catch the tiger alive so that it could be sent back to the National Park. Chaiji tells Nihaal not to say that he hasn’t done anything for their family. Veera asks Ratan to scold Ranvi as much as she wishes as he is sitting scared. Chaiji and Veera get into an argument as she asks meaning of dilwaar.
Ratan and Ranvi share an emotional hug. Veera sees this and wonders why is her mother not scolding her brother. Ratan asks her to leave but she doesn’t. Veera thinks as why Beeji is not showering love on Ranvi. Finally she leaves. Ratan scolds Ranvi and asks why did he go in front of tiger when there were many to save Veera. She tells him that she is his only support after his father left them. Ratan asks whether he didn’t think about his mother even once.
Ranvi says when Veera’s life was in danger nothing mattered to him. He was just thinking about her safety. Ranvi says he wouldn’t be able to live if something had happened to Veera being her anokhi maa. Both hug and cry.
Veera is doing phoo phoo on Nihaal’s wounds. Chaiji brings turmeric milk for him and tells its significance to Veera. Nihaal wants Chaiji to make Ratan understand that it will not be right for him to stay in this house. Chaiji refuses and asks him to give a chance for them to serve him as they cannot share his pain or reduce it. Nihaal once again tells that he hadn’t done anything great but Veera points out that all were just shouting and none came forward to save.
Chaiji sends Veera away stating some reason. She tells Nihaal to stay in the house for their sake. She Chaiji says there is no one for them after Sampooran had left. She agrees with the fact that what Veera said is true though she may not understand as she is small. Veera brings air and blows fastly on Nihaal’s wounds. Both share a cute moment. Chaiji gets emotional on seeing this.
Gurpreet offers lassi to Kartar. She tells him that he must have understood what place he holds in Ratan’s life. Gurpreet is sure that Ratan will never accept him and he has to return back to her. Kartar calls her a selfish woman who cares only about her family and not Ratan and her kids. Gurpreet sarcastically says she is the same but the entire village and Ratan witnessed what the kids meant to him.
Ranvi confesses to Ratan that he didn’t go to school as he was afraid to get scoldings from his teacher for not completing his homework. He also says what all he did. Ratan asks with whom did he go. Screen freezes.
Ratan is dressing Nihaal’s wounds. Balwant, Bansuri and Kartar enter the home. Bansuri and Kartar are not pleased to see this.

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