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Veera Update on Tuesday 11th October 2016

Veera is amused that Bansuri called her an orphan and said that she’s responsible for her parent’s death. Chaiji, Nihal and Ratan are enraged. Veera asks what does orphan means and Ranvi says orphan is one to whom God loves the most. An angry Nihal goes to confront Bansuri and Chaiji follows him.
Nihal confronts Bansuri and blasts her for what she told Veera. Bansuri tries to tell him the truth about why she told Veera an orphan but Nihal cuts her and says he knows the truth about Veera’s birth. He warns her against ever telling Veera anything of the sort. Chaiji who watches the scene from a distance praises Nihal and he says he has got very attached to Ranvi and Veera and can’t bear anyone saying anything to them.

Balwant has called the entire village at his place. He along with a forest officer announces the danger lurking in the village in form of a tiger. Ranvi tells everyone that he has seen the tiger. The forest officer suggests some safety precautions and its decided that from every house atleast one man will stay on the guard to protect the villagers. Ranvi volunteers from his house but Ratan and Chaiji protests. Nihal volunteers from Sampooran’s house and Balwant is glad to accept the offer. But Kartar protests and Chaiji intervenes saying Ratan will take the decision for herself and her house. Ratan accepts Nihal’s help and Kartar is embarassed and dejected.Balwants calls all the men to come for guard during night.

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Chaiji asks Ratan to make some sweet dish also as Ratan is starting to take over her responsibilities once again. Ranvi and Veera are making Nihaal to do sit-ups so that he gains strength to guard the village. Veera complains as she wasnt allowed to fight the lion. Chaiji tells her that even she gets tired of her questions and when she does the same to tiger, it will die by itself. Veera does the signal that was supposed to be done when the tiger is seen.

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