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Why Ghana needs Bishop Obinim now more than ever

The Founder of the International Gods Way Church, Bishop Daniel Obinim has been on the washing board for some time now and has received lots of backlash from cross-section of Ghanaians after he openly declared that he could turn into various creatures including snakes, dogs and possibly a lion. Persons from the Christian fraternity especially have described his statements as blasphemous and have criticized him for claiming he transforms into the creatures with Jesus Christ, who is the author and finisher of the Christian faith.

Inasmuch as I side with his critics, on the fact that likening Jesus to an animal is disrespectful, I think it’s about time we take time to analyze his claims well and also look at the bigger picture. I personally think that it will be better if we tone down on the insults and take a critical look at his claim and also assess the benefits Ghana stands to gain from it.

As it stands now, Ghana needs Bishop Obinim, more than ever. Ghana is the only country in the world that is blessed with a ‘man of God’ who can transform himself into an animal and this is something I think we should be proud of as a nation.

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