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Ladies: 9 Things You Should Never Say To Your Man

Why pretty women don’t stay with ugly blokes for very long

But they should not be too smug because
there’s a good chance his beauty is
contemplating trading him in for a better
model, according to a study.
Women who believe they are better-looking
than their partners are less likely to be
committed to their relationship and more likely
to seek attention from other men, researchers
Girls who perceived themselves as more
attractive than their mates (partners) showed
less interest in their current romantic
relationships, said the researchers from
Eastern Connecticut State University.
Women reported less commitment to their
relationships, as well as more thoughts about
breaking up with their mates when they rated
themselves as more attractive than their

They reported more interest in men other than
their partners, more flirting with other men, as
well as more appealing dating alternatives.
The women also showed more resistance to
their man’s mate-guarding behaviour. These
are proprietary tactics designed to prevent
their woman leaving them for another man and
include public displays of affection and
controlling who they spend time with

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