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Y3 Wo Krom Hitmaker, Atom Admits Going To Obinim For Blessings As A Musician BUT..


Obinim certianly knows how to stay in the news all the time. The celebrity pastor has reacted to news that Atom, the guy who sang the ppopular song “Y3 wo Krom” was suing him for singing his song in church.

Obinim responded that he even made Atom`s song popular because Atom came to him with his cd for prayers in his church.

Apparently the news about Atom wanting to sue Obinim is false. Speaking in a phone interview with Berla Mundi on Live Fm, yesterday February 23, 2016, Atom admitted that he had gone to Obinim for prayers but that was in 2014 when he hadn’t sang “y3 wokrom’

“First of all I don’t have any issue with Obinim and am not taking him to court. Secondly I have gone to him for prayers before but it wasn’t y3 wo krom time” .

“The time I went for prayers, it was in 2014 and by that time, there was no y3 wo krom. I just composed y3 wo krom in 2015 but I went there for blessings but he didn’t pray for the y3 wo krom cd but I can say God’s time is the best I took some cds there but it wasn’t y3 wo krom” Atom told Berla Mundi .

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Well, the fact remains that Obinim has prayed for him before and Atom has admitted that but still posits it wasn’t at the time sang sing monster hit.

What do you think? Does Obinim has the right to make the claim that he made Atom’s song famous?




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