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Your relationship guide – Part 1 – Nana Kwame Buabeng writes.

As we grow up,we realise it becomes less
important to have more friends and more
important to have real ones.
If you love someone tell them.Forget about the
rules or the fear of looking ridiculous.
What’s really ridiculous is passing up an
opportunity to tell someone your heart is
invested in them.
Never stop doing little things for others because
sometimes those little things occupy the biggest
parts of their hearts.
A real person isn’t perfect and a perfect person
isn’t real.
Just because you had time with someone,doesn’t
mean you should have a future with them.
No relationship is a waste of time.The wrong
ones teach you the lessons that prepares you for
the right ones.
If a relationship has to be a secret,you shouldn’t
be in it.
Characterise people by their actions and you will
never be fooled by their words.
When the pain of holding on becomes worse
than the pain of letting go,it’s time to let go.
Become the friend you want to have.
There are times when family are like
strangers,and strangers are like family both set of
people are priceless…
Instead of judging people by their past,stand by
them and help them repair their future.
True friendship and love do sustain the test of
distance and time.
When someone gives you their time,they are
giving you a portion of their lives that they can
never have back,it’s one of the most precious gift
you can receive.
Don’t waste it.
Have a nice day…..

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