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Your relationship guide – Part 2 – Nana Kwame Buabeng writes.

Keep people in your life who truly love
you,motivate you,encourage you,enhance you
and make you happy. If you know people who
do none of these,let them go.
Love isn’t about sex,going on fancy dates,or
showing off.
It’s about being with a person who makes you
happy in ways no one else can. Choose your
relationships wisely because it’s better to be alone
than to be in bad company. Love means giving
someone the chance hurt you,but trusting them
not to. You know you have found true love when
you catch yourself falling in love over and over
again with the same person. Don’t wait for the
right person to come around but rather,be the
right person to come into someone’s life. The one
who is meant for you encourage you to be your
best,but still loves and accept you at your worst.
Never allow someone to be your priority while
allowing yourself to be their option. We don’t
always need advice.
Sometimes all we need is a hand to hold,an ear to
listen,and a heart to understand. Don’t mess with
someone’s feelings just because you are not sure
of yours. Don’t choose the one beautiful to the
Choose the one who makes your life beautiful.
If you feel your ship is sinking,it might be a good
time to throw out the stuff that’s been weighing it
down. Let go of people who bring you down and
surround yourself with those who bring the best
out of you. Just because it didn’t last forever
doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth the while. Say what
you mean and mean what you say.
Don’t expect others to read your mind,and don’t
play games with their heads and hearts. Don’t tell
half truths and expect people to trust you
when the full truth comes out. Half truths are no
better than lies.
Don’t ignore someone you care about, because
lack of concern hurts than more than angry
words. Good relationships don’t just happen ;
they take time,patience and two people who truly
wants to work to be together. When it comes to
relationships,remaining faithful isn’t an option but
a priority.

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