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Yvonne Okoro And Yvonne Nelson Take First Photo In 4 Years, Guess Who Captured The Pix

Two of Ghana’s top actresses Yvonne Nelson and Yvonne Okoro were very good friends when they started their career but the relationship hit the rock somewhere along the line.

What brewed as a rumour had it that Okoro could no longer take the incessant attention seeking attitude of Nelson and this is one of the main reasons they were no longer pals. Though the two constantly debunked the rumour, their attitudes towards each other speak volume even in broad day light. after studying them realised that they were no longer seen together at functions, and even if they were invited by the same organizer, they make sure that they are far distant from each other.

Both became movie producers but never appeared in the other’s movie.

Miss Okoro confirmed the serious break in friendly relation with Nelson when she talked to Multimedia’s MzGee in 2017 stating that her grudge against the fellow was irrelevant.

Well, everything is over now and they are chilling together again. The two after about four years of not being good friends have taken a picture together for the world to know that they are now cool. Guess who took the pic, Yvonne’s baby daddy, Jamie Roberts.

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